Solution for Success In Today’s Education Market

We are a trusted, one stop, online directory, helping students explore careers and select their ideal campus based university, college or online school throughout Canada and the United States.

We utilize the latest targeted, organic search techniques to achieve top organic or natural search rankings in the most important search engines.  This allows us to ensure that we deliver high quality inquiries that match our client school’s specific criteria.  We know this because of the direct feedback that we receive from them.  Our inquiries have some of the highest lead to enrollment conversion than they have seen from other sources.  


We pride ourselves in the partnerships we maintain with our client schools.  We also put our reputation on the line and only maintain a strictly pay for performance model.  This means there are no up front administration fees or other charges that client schools endure.  If we don't deliver, there are no charges.  There is absolutely no risk to the school, only upside. 


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