Lead Generation

Our client schools want to connect with as many potential students as possible and we have the ability to make that a reality.  We have developed highly specialized capabilities to send our client’s message across many of the most desirable channels. 

Our marketing strategists, web content writers, search engine optimizers and account managers work together to develop initiatives that get the right results, efficiently and effectively. Our primary method is the generation of high quality, high converting leads that are secured through natural search initiatives.

Our lead generation approach includes: 

  • Organic or natural search campaigns
  • Connecting with prospective students through a variety of online and social media channels.  
  • Never utilizing special offers or merchandise to bait students into submitting their information.  This ensures that the inquiring student is genuinely interested in a client school.  
  • Never reselling student information to other schools.  All leads generated for a client school is an exclusive lead for them.  This maintains a very high quality inquiry and allows the client school to properly nurture the inquiry through the enrollment funnel

  Our approach ensures: 

  • High quality inquires; inquiries that are genuinely interested in a specific school and program area
  • High conversion rates (inquiry to application or enrollment)
  • Low cost per inquiry
  • Low cost per application or enrollment

  Speed is also important to us

  • Our inquiries are delivered directly and immediately to your student CRM or through email so you can contact them quickly.  We recognize that when a student inquires, they want information quickly.  Our systems allow us to adopt to what ever technology the client school is using.

  Our partnership comes without strings!

  • We don't believe in locking our client schools into unnecessary long-term contracts with large, minimum lead caps.  We recognize that specific traffic for our client schools can only come with time and with hard work, and we work very hard to ensure our schools are properly and accurately portrayed and meet all compliance rules.  We're more interested in a long-term trusted partnership that is built on sustainable high quality results.  That's why our schools like working with us. 
  • We also ensure that there are no surprises on the monthly invoices for leads you didn't get or didn't match your specific lead criteria.  We work diligently to ensure these never happen and if mistakes do occur we work to correct it immediately, no questions asked.

Supplementary initiatives for special volume requests include:  

  • Many of our trusted clients have requested inquiry volumes that exceed natural search capabilities.  In these cases, we engage our paid media specialist to develop very specific, paid media campaigns to satisfy those higher lead volumes but never compromising our primary commitment to lead quality.

Those supplementary campaigns may include one or more of the following:

  • Online advertising and marketing campaigns using search and display
  • Pay-per-click campaigns
  • Click-to-call campaigns
  • Social media strategies and campaigns
  • Mobile media campaigns
  • Email campaigns